Kanazawa Wine 

You won’t get killed here, but the wine is killer. Seriously, the place looks like a murder shack, so don’t drive away.  Go to neighbouring Poplar Grove for the views and big winery experience, get that out of your system, then come here. This is a must visit winery in the Okanagan. 

Pretty sure that’s wine, not blood, on that white crate

Winemaker Richard Kanazawa has been a winemaker at a handful of big wineries in the Okanagan (Red Rooster, Bench 1775, Blasted Church), and after years of making award winning wines at these wineries, he and wife Jennifer (who designed the beautiful wine labels) decided to start their own winery.  

Richard is a hilarious conversationist and straight shooter, which makes the wine tasting experience fun, educational and sincere. His Kanazawa wines would undoubtedly be award-winning if he sent them in to be judged, but he doesn’t.  He also doesn’t market himself, aside from the odd wine store pouring or winemakers dinner here and there. Word of mouth is huge. We were tipped off about him from some friends who said “do not miss this place”, and we’ve pretty much repeated that phrase to everyone we know.

It really is a treat being able to chat with him, the winemaker and name behind the label, while tasting his killer wines in his murder shack. Put it at the top of your list on your next Naramata tour.

Serious value here. These prices for these wines are criminal. Yeah, I’ll stop with the bad analogies now.

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