A few of us took off for a mini vacation in San Diego this past week for work/pleasure. We thought we’d better practice doing summer before it finally hits Vancouver (although we hear it came the day we left – classic, Vancouver, just classic move) while also practicing our beach wine drinking. Just kidding. We don’t need to practice that #SeasonedBeachDrinkers #WeCouldTeachAClassOnIt #SorryForTheHashtagsWeAreClearlyOnSocialMediaTooMuch.


Wine and palm trees are the best pairing (after wine and more wine).

Highlights included: dinner at Nobu, famous for Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s legendary Japanese/Peruvian fusion dishes, as well as for being co-founded by Robert DeNiro (“you talkin to me?” Yeah, you can feel lucky that you aren’t hearing this in person); wine-ding down at the Pendry Hotel’s rooftop pool; surfing in Encinitas; and dinner at Lena Craft in La Jolla – an authentically Mexican, family-run, farm-to-table restaurant that had a great list of wines from Valle de Guadalupe, our current wine region obsession. Phew, run-on sentence! Our week kind of felt like a run-on sentence to be honest. Lots crammed in and then the next thing we knew, we were waiting for our flight home at the airport location of Phil’s BBQ #WhoAreWe #Ribscouverites #SorryAgainHashtagsAreAddictive


Doesn’t this pic just make you hear Tchaikovsky The Seasons in your head? Or, more realistically, the theme songs to Laguna Beach and The OC? Either way, I mean…😍


Nobu! Dinner is served😍: Chef Nobu
Matsuhisa’s legendary dishes and Domane Wachau Grüner Veltliner Federspiel Terrassen – try saying that after a few glasses of wine. Or at all. This is the wine you just point to on the menu 😂


Heyyyy Pendry rooftop pool! Thanks for not making me drink out of a plastic cup. Sipping on some Beaujoie Rosé Champagne and contemplating nothing. Brain is on vacation now too.


View from the Firehouse Pacific Beach, sipping on some Gerard Bertrand Gris Blanc 🍷


Rosé Champagne, because they say champagne is the new rosé but we’re not ready to say bye to rosé yet. Compromising for the win(e).


Breakfast of Champions 🥂while watching some Baywatch champions 🏄🏊🏥🏃on Pacific Beach, at Baja Beach Cafe.  This is why we could never be lifeguards.


Last glass of palm tree beach wine. More specifically, Chateau de Rouet rosé at La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla. Then, last meal at Phil’s BBQ at the airport😒

Winecouverites out, Winediego 👊🤙✌

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