Happy Mothers’ Day! Say it More Often, Say it With The Road 13 Stemwinder 2014


Cheers to Moms! At The Wine Bar in Yaletown

The Road 13 Stemwinder 2014 is the perfect wine to share with your mom this month. This white blend is 56% Chardonnay, 34% Vioignier, 9% Marsanne, and 1% Rousanne.

From Road 13:

A blend of The 2014 Stemwinder has an attractive golden hue. The perfumed nose showcases aromas of pea pod, pear, apricot, and vanilla, with a delicate and well integrated note of oak. This wine is rich and delicious. The palate is filled with ripe flavours of white peach, preserved pear, melon and vanilla pod. Absolutely balanced with a refreshing and juicy finish, this is a great wine to share with friends.”

Share with friends we did. Two of us recently tasted this wine because we had to do some quality control before mothers day – only the best for ma! While we normally cannot agree on whites, we both fell in love with this blend despite our differing palates. The blend of grapes and combination of oak and steel barrel fermentation seems to have been the magic formula for a rich, delicious white that we think most people will love. Kind of reminds us of our mothers’ magic formulas – remember how only your mom could cut your waffles the right way, or kiss your skinned knees to make the owie go away? Oh, the magic of mothers! Give her back some of that magic this Mother’s Day with this sure to please white blend. Feel free to use that cheesy line too when you pour her a glass. We are sure that she’ll appreciate that over a hokey hallmark card.

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