March Merlot, because we love an alliteration! Kraze Legz The Cakewalk 2011 Merlot


Look at that dinner. So healthy! Now I can drink the whole bottle.

We almost don’t want to tell you about Kraze Legz Winery, because it’s a hidden gem nestled in our hidden gem town of Kaleden (aptly named from ‘kalos’, meaning beautiful in Greek, combined with ‘Eden’, that famous garden full of temptations). But, chances are, you’re going to find out about both sooner or later, plus sharing is caring, or some crap like that.

Kaleden is an old orchard town, nestled on Skaha Lake between Penticton and Okanagan Falls. Vineyards dot the landscape where orchards used to, and Kraze Legz Winery sits high up on the hill, with beautiful sweeping views of Kaleden and Skaha Lake. Across the street is Linden Gardens and their Frog Street Cafe, just sayin’ (you’ll be thankful for that tip after you’ve tasted all of Kraze Legz’s wines and you need a recharge – maybe a latte and a piece of cake and walk through the garden – before continuing on with your wine tour).

Since it’s March and we like alliterations – #MarchMerlot! – our pick is the merlot from Kraze Legz, aptly called “cakewalk” since you can literally walk across the street and grab some cake from the cafe. This is all just meant to be. Drink your March merlot now, and when you visit the winery, follow your cakewalk up with a cake walk. You could even attempt the dance, but now we are getting too complicated.


Neighbours. Meant to be.

Here are Kraze Legzs Tasting Notes: “Our estate grown 100% Merlot is dignified and well dressed with rich layers of black cherry, current and stewed plum, Lush and silky notes of carmel, cloves and espresso prance on the finish.   Food Pairing: Pair with roasted meats, baked lamb chops, winter stews or enjoy entirely on it’s own.”

This merlot won Double Gold 2014 at the All Canadian Wine Awards, so we aren’t the only ones kraze about it.

It’s March and Okanagan wine tasting season hasn’t started yet, but be sure to put this one on your list (and buy the wine in the meantime). The winery’s 20s theme is adorable (they even have a basket of props for photo ops…hello bachelorette party), and the owner couple are an absolute delight to talk to. You’ll learn so much about the wines, the terroir, and the history of the town. Good conversation over wine makes the experience just that much better (I guess sharing IS caring…)


A recent trip to Kraze Legz winery.

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