Happy Valentine’s Day! Poplar Grove Blanc de Noirs 2014


Photo taken during warmer times

We may have a bit of a crush on roses lately since we can’t stop talking about them (no wonder they’re blushing!), and since it’s Valentine’s Day month, we couldn’t resist sharing one more blush crush with you.

The Poplar Grove 2014 Blanc de Noirs has our hearts racing. The blend of 41% malbec, 24% merlot, 19% syrah, and 16% vioignier is not only delicious for sipping, but is perfect for pairing with your dinner or happy hour smorgasboard (if you don’t currently make yourself happy hour smorgasboards, you should probably start right this very minute because you are missing out on life). If you’re single this v-day, this would be the perfect wine to drink on your couch, with your smorgasboard, not sharing with anyone (this is still a perfect wine even if you’re not single, but unfortunately, if you are a nice person, you may feel pressured to share).

Poplar Grove suggests pairing it with “sun soaked patios and wild bc salmon”, and we agree. However, since we chose this as our February wine pick (i.e. Vancouver won’t give you sun soaked patios this month), and we’ve already told you to enjoy this on your couch in your sweat pants with a gluttonous feast, we would pair this with their suggestion of wild BC salmon, and also: sushi, salad, Mac and Cheese (nothing says couch tapas like a box of Annie’s Shells thrown into the mix), charcuterie, quiche, antipasto, and lots and lots of cheese. Roses are generally known for their easy food pairings, so go ahead eat all of your favourite comfort foods to your heart’s content. It is Valentine’s Day month afterall.

Poplar Grove has been making Blanc de Noirs to great accolades and fanfare since 2011, but we are mostly in love with this year’s vintage. Per the Poplar Grove tasting notes, “The Blanc de Noirs offers a silky smooth mouth feel with a kiss of sweetness”. Sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day date to me.

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