Happy New Year! Jaumme Serra Cristalino Brut

f5f2d1_2a4abb1e5e864bddb386d2baa8681026It’s January, so our wine of the month needs to be a bubbly to celebrate the new year. But, it’s January, so we can’t afford champagne (damn you, December holidays and your abundance of expensive festivities and commercial spending). We have an amazing, affordable alternative to champagne for you. We once blind tasted this with a group, alongside more expensive sparkling wine and champagne, and the room unanimously chose this as their favourite.

The Jaumme Serra Cristalino Brut is a quality Spanish cava that, at around $12 from the BCLDB, tastes way more expensive. With just a hint of sweetness, this dry bubbly is our favourite go-to sparkling wine. Pour it for your guests at your cocktail party and they’ll think that you’ve splurged on champagne. Not that we condone trickery. But, we do celebrate it. With cava.

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