Le Vieux Pin Vaila Rose

f5f2d1_c3ead709e8064b5ab1998c3657a69feaWe chose this wine because we are in denial that summer is ending, and the Vaila Rose is the perfect summer wine which epitomizes our September denial.

Go to Les Amis du Fromage, or your local deli, pick up some of your favourite cheese (or better yet, try something new and adventurous! Like Milbenkäse*), check with a VQA store to pick up this Rose (or try Everything Wine, which lists this wine on their website), and then spend the evening outside before the Vancouver rain rolls in again for the next 9 months. If anything tastes like summer in a bottle, this is it, and it will make you forget about the greyness and drizzle that are right around the corner.

Here are the tasting notes from Le Vieux Pin: “Made with the Burgundian method of Saigneé (literally to bleed) this rosé is produced from free run juice of Pinot Noir grapes and entirely steel tank aged. It is a fun, delicate wine absolutely perfect for the summer. The 2013 Vaïla presents as usual a pale salmon colour and explosive aromas of rhubarb sorbet, pink grapefruit and the amazing bright and crunchy red fruit BC rosés are increasingly becoming famous for…Charcuterie and artisan cheeses make for a classic pairing.”

f5f2d1_4783f0a772a44addb0e29614ec8e0492Above: our recent wine tasting at Le Vieux Pin, where Alexander Russo taught us about the Saignee Method, and poured us some delicious wines.

p.s. one of our Winecouverites even swore that she is going to name her firstborn “Vaila Rose” after having tasted this wine.

*Just kidding about the Milbenkäse. I don’t think you can purchase this in Canada anyway. Either way, please don’t eat Mite Cheese.

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