Summer Patio Wine Party

Patio Required, Just Add Wine.


Our hearts break when we want to order our favourite bottle of wine in a restaurant and notice that the price is marked up 2-3 times what it retails in the BC Liquor Store.  We love the buzz of Vancouver summer nights out, but our wallets don’t!

Shortly after our Okanagan wine tour last summer, we decided that, since our wine racks were all full (and our bank accounts were not) we would each bring one of our favourite bottles from our wine tasting tour, and host our own patio party at home.

Since this was a casual, primarily wine-tasting evening with just a few of us, we kept the night simple and laid-back. Instead of dinner, we went with a smorgasbord of wine-friendly tapas, and kept our wine selection small – 2 whites, a rose, and a red – a nice progression for the night, as the sun set!  We were missing a port or ice wine to cap the night off with (next time!), but ending with the 2012 Nota Bene from Black Hills is not a bad way to end the night.

Winecouverite Anne offered to host this Wine-In party on her amazing patio overlooking False Creek, which definitely puts Vancouver restaurant patios to shame.  Also, being the culinary connoisseur that she is, she created the perfect patio tapas to go with our favourite wine selections of the summer.


After this amazing evening of delicious wine and gourmet food on a patio with a view, we don’t want to go out for wine anywhere other than Anne’s Patio ever again!

Our menu and wine selections are to the right.  With chill, low-key music (guilty pleasure playlists: “Lauren Conrad’s Summer BBQ”, “Private Dance” and “90210 Slumber Party” on Songza; and, no, you are not too cool for Toni Braxton or En Vogue), the sun setting overhead, and a delicious glass of (retail-priced!) wine in hand, you won’t miss your go-to summer-packed Vancouver restaurant patio, we promise!



Anne’s Goat Cheese Stuffed Figs
Cut the stems off your figs, then cut crosses in the top, 3/4 of the way down (for enough room to stuff with goat cheese). Stuff each fig with goat cheese.  Either BBQ these for around 5 minutes (or until figs are soft), or bake in the oven at 400F for around 15 minutes (or until figs are soft).  Remove and drizzle with honey.  (Be creative: you can also wrap the figs in prociutto, drizzle with balsamic vinegar, sprinkle with rosemary or thyme).

Wine Pairing: Hester Creek Trebbiano 2012
We thought this crip white wine went well with both the creaminess of the goat cheese and the sweetness of the fig/honey.


Annie’s Charcutterie & Cheese Spread
-Applewood Smoked Cheddar
-Cured sausage
-Granny smith Apple Slices
-Red Grapes
-A variety of crackers (including Leslie Stowe & Rice Crackers) and fresh bread
-Fig Jelly

Wine Pairings: 
Black Hills Nota Bene 2012, Hillside 2012 Rose, Poplar Grove Chardonnay 2012.
We didn’t overthink these pairings! The Nota Bene would have been better paired with some grilled game meat, but it worked with the cured meats, as did the Rose.  The chardonnay and creamy cheeses complemented each other.


Winecouverites out xoxo

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